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Who are we?

METAFORTAE was founded in 2018 as a guild dedicated to reshaping traditional finance using blockchain technology. Our team comprises visionary entrepreneurs and technical experts who believe in blockchain's principles of decentralization, transparency, and financial sovereignty that will change the world. Over the years, we have continuously launched innovative products and services, guild benefits, empowering users to explore endless possibilities in the digital economy. From DeFi finance to blockchain prediction system platforms, we lead the future of finance, disrupting traditions and ushering in a new era.

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Community Core Value

  • Building a Global Community Alliance Guild for Wide Exposure
  • We Provide a Trustworthy Investment Environment to Increase Success Rates
  • Propel Projects Internationally for a Broader Market Reach
  • Leveraging Airdrop Programs for a Win-Win Situation for Projects and Guilds
  • Collaborating with Project Owners to Create the Safest Investment Solution

Why Metafortae?

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Web3 Strategic
Partnerships and Marketing

Blockchain Technology

Utilizing blockchain technology and understanding market trends, we leverage innovative marketing strategies and collaboration models to help clients stand out in the digital economy era, sharing the joy of success.

Free Airdrops

We are invited to participate in various Web3 airdrops, distributing tokens or digital assets to existing shareholders and potential users, enhancing brand awareness and user engagement.

Brand Promotion

Through social media, content marketing, event planning, and other methods, we promote client brands to a wider audience, increasing brand exposure and influence.

Our Products

Prediction Token (Decentralized Token Prediction System)

METAFTAE's Prediction Token enables users to participate in market predictions and profit. Users can choose markets, predict price trends, and invest chips, providing opportunities to earn in the digital economy, ensuring trade security and traceability.

Hash Hustle (Hash Game)

Hash Hustle is an innovative game based on blockchain technology and hash functions. Players influence input data, calculate new hash values, and verify results. This game is secure, fair, and verifiable, using hash functions to ensure data integrity and security.

AI Intelligent Copy Trading System

METAFTAE's AI Intelligent Copy Trading System combines artificial intelligence with financial trading, providing intelligent trading advice and decision support. It uses advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies to analyze market data, trends, and trading patterns in real-time, offering trading advice and decision support intelligently. By continuously learning and optimizing, it adapts to market changes quickly, increasing trading success rates and reducing risks.

Decentralized Lending Protocol

METAFTAE's Decentralized Lending Protocol aims to create a new decentralized lending ecosystem, providing efficient and secure financial services. It allows users to obtain loans by collateralizing assets, using borrowed funds for investment to increase asset value. The technical principle is smart contract technology achieving a fully decentralized lending process, eliminating traditional financial intermediary costs, allowing users to enjoy lower interest rates, faster transaction speeds, and greater flexibility.

Our team

Meet the Visionaries Behind Metafortae's Success

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Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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Co-Founder and CTO

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Operating Officer